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    Montecristo Connoisseur Texas Edition @ Richmond Avenue Cigars

    Cigar Brand: Montecristo
    Vitola: Gordo
    Location: Houston
    State: TX

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    The Montecristo Connoisseur Texas Edition was a cigar I was told I should try today during a long overdue trip to Richmond Avenue Cigars in Houston, Texas. The shop owner Dan said this Giant 6 x 60 Gordo was sure to please. As with many cigars Dan has recommended over the years I just had to try it. Being in the company of friends while smoking cigars is something I have lost/missed over the last few years and spending time catching up with Dan Goodwin was a true treat.

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    Pre-light the Montecristo Connoisseur Texas Edition had a slight hay/dry even a bitter barky smell on the foot but the wrapper had a clean and crisp tart tobacco smell. I warmed up the foot of the cigar for a bit longer than usual because the giant 6 x 60 has some serious area to cover, take your time for the perfect light. Once I started putting the flame to the cigar I made one good draw on it to received that GIANT flame we all know of that instantly told me I had a great light on the cigar. From the very start this cigar had a super easy draw to it and the feel and look of it was almost perfect.

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    As we sat Dan told me that the cigar had an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. I would later read to find out the cigar had a Dominican Piloto Binder and Filler with a bit of Dominican Olor Filler as well.

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    The first third seemed overly mild to me, just lots of smoke which was great but not a hint of depth. Now I just know I am smoking a cigar because it is right in front of me, but I am getting very little taste at all. What am I missing here? I did some retro-haling out through my nose a few times and there it was that slight cocoa with still a bit of the hay smell/taste. Ok this is decent but still nothing exciting.

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    At about the one inch mark the cigar picks up a little and I start getting a nice creamy woody taste, OK very nice and if the cigar were to stay this way I would consider it a decent smoke but not my cup of tea to tell the truth. I like depth and it was just not there at this point. I have nothing but time to kill with the other fellow patrons of the shop so I will wait for a turning point in the cigar....come on.

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    Ok second third the cigar goes from mild to medium and the best part is it finally comes on. Wow now I am getting a great rich rich rich earth tobacco taste and I love the fact I can feel the tobacco absorbing into my bloodstream as my cheek bones have a slight ache to them directly below my eye sockets. Now we are here baby this is what Dan was talking about. The flavor is now everywhere and I am a smoking a cigar that is finally on its way to getting closer to being worthy of that $14 price point.

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    Mayday Mayday! we have trouble as I start to notice a split coming in the wrapper, about this same time the cigar starts to really tunnel to one side. I try to fix it every 5 minutes as the cigar starts to dive into a battle of wits to keep it lit and get the ash back in order. I am not really picky on stuff like this but when a cigar is having serious problems I try to find out why. After a bit of investigating I draw a conclusion that YES the cigar was a perfect draw in the beginning, but being a natural product just because it starts well does not mean it will end well. Just my luck... I battle the cigar to stay lit because the flavor is really great at this point but soon lose the battle as it seems that the spot the lower band was removed from was in fact the troubled area.

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    All in all the day was good because I had the chance to visit and old friend and I enjoyed the cigar during the peak performance but that peak was just too short.

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    If anyone has smoked this cigar as well please share your thoughts, how was the last third of it as I am just a little curious how it ended for you?

    Big thanks to Dan Goodwin at Richmond Avenue Cigars.

    Richmond Avenue Cigars
    3301-M Fondren Rd.
    Houston, TX 77063
    ph: 713.975.9057

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    Great review and pics! I have seen that cigar in the shops lately but not one of my favorite bands or sizes for that matter. Glad the middle part was good for you.

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